Terminal Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Airport

Gran Canaria airport has one main building divided between three terminals: A, B & C.

Area A:operates with flights from Spain and from the European Union.
Areas B and C: manage inter-island flights (Canary Islands) and non-Community flights.

The building has three floors:
- Floor 0
- Floor 1
- Floor 2 - VIP Lounge


Check-in Areas

The airport has 4 different check-in areas named from 1 to 4:

- Check-in Area 1: operates with most of the flights of Binter and CanaryFly. Binter serves inter-island flights (between the Canary Islands) or manages flights to Morocco.

- Check-in Area 2: recently it’s been refurbished.

- Check-in Area 3: it operates with flights by the Ground Force (Globalia Handling and Cargo) and Iberia. Some of the check-in desks are used by Norwegian Air Shuttle.

- Check-in Area 4: the only airline that uses the area is Ryanair. It’s located downstairs, between the Rental Car Offices and the Police Department.

The check-in desks are located in two different points:
- P0 Level, Departures: desks from 401 to 406.
- P1 Level, Departures: desks from 101 to 118, from 201 to 234 and from 301 to 352.


Arrivals Area

In front of the arrivals area there is a big coach parking (named as Parking-A) for all the companies that provide tours or holiday services to all visitors.


Boarding gates - Departures Area

- P0 Level: Gates from A05 to A15: Inter-island flights. Gates from A01 to A04: International flights.
- P1 Level: Domestic and International flights.
- P2 Level: Business Center, Interfaith Chapel.